Top 10 Antique End Tables

Antique End tables and side tables are an extremely useful fixture of one’s home. They provide that little accent to the decor as well as utility to the householders. There are so many innovative designs available in the market for side tables these days that it is very hard to choose one style.

Whether it is the antique, rustic style or the modern, contemporary style, they all have their own unique selling points. The only thing common to all styles of side tables is that all of them are extremely practical in usage and elegant appearance. The following are the reviews of some of the best antique end tables and side tables available in the market right now.

Top Antique End Tables For 2018

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Antique Oval End TableOval End
Antique Table
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Small Antique Side TableSmall Antique
Side Table
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3-Tier Antique Round End Table3-Tier Antique
Round Table
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2PCS Set Nesting Antique Side Table2PCS Set
Antique Table
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antique white end tablesAntique White
End Tables
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  1. Antique Oval End Table

Antique Oval End TableThis is an elegant piece of furniture that doubles up as a practical one as well. This end table is perfect for one of those cozy corners of the house or up against the couch or a chair.

It looks portable and is most suitable for a couple of coffee mugs and some desired magazines below them in the rack. This coffee table can be placed anywhere in the house as the design does not limit it to a particular room.

The special rack provided for magazines makes this coffee table a stylish as well as a functional one. It is made of engineering MDF which makes it durable and sturdy.

The design is stylish and elegant but the make is quite strong as well. It is perfect for both the living room as well as the bedroom. Enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite magazine on a sunny morning with this beautiful and elegant coffee table.

White End Tables

  1. Sofa Antique Side Table

Antique Side TableIt is an elegant C shaped table that looks both beautiful and elegant. The design is such that it will go with any kind of furniture in the house. Both antique or the new modern style of interior décor can easily fit this tiny but useful piece of furniture in their catalog.

It is the best choice for those who are looking for a little place for their coffee mugs. So there is no need for any heavy furniture but just this small and elegant one that provides the solution to their problem.

This is a multifunctional side table that can be used in different ways as and when required.

Whether it is a coffee mug or a laptop or some gadgets related to the television set, this end table is useful in all areas of the home.

  1. Tall Antique End Table

Tall Antique End TableFor starters, the design of this end table is a total winner. Its height is one of its biggest selling points. The classy and old-school design of the end table makes it a great choice.

There is an undeniable minimal touch to the design of this end table. It is tall, and there is a tiny shelf at the bottom for random objects like books, remotes or other accent pieces.

All in all, this is a great looking antique end table that can go in any room of the house. If you are sitting on a couch this will provide the perfect support for you to keep your phone, or a coffee mug or any other object for that matter.

The wood used in the building of this table is brand new and of high quality. The coffee color and the veneer build of this piece of furniture only add to its beauty.

Unique End Tables

  1. Small Antique Side Table

Small Antique Side TableThe first thing that will draw your attention to this small antique end table is its beautiful and stylish Z shaped design. This is a very creative piece of furniture that will definitely add a style factor to your home no matter where you put it.

It is suitable for almost every task. You can use it as a side table by the side of your bed, or a coffee table against your couch or you could use it by the television to place any remote controls or consoles.

It has a capacity of holding up to 45 pounds which might sound surprising to a lot of people because it looks very sleek and delicate. But the build quality is such that it can be used even for heavier objects without worrying for its stability.

The paint finish makes it rust resistant as well as corrosion resistant. It is easy to clean and assemble.

White Round End Table

  1. 3 Tier Antique Sofa Side End Table

3 Tier Antique Sofa Side End TableIf you are looking for an end table that is simple in appearance but extremely functional then this is the perfect piece of furniture for you. The pristine white color and a unique minimal design make it one of the most elegant end tables available in the market.

There are three drawers in this end table, and each is bigger than the one above it. They can be used for any purpose that you like, whether it is in the bedroom or the living room.

It gives you that extra storage room which can be used for a variety of random objects in the house. The pulley design of the end table makes it easy rotate 360 degrees without any effort. It can be moved any where in no time easily.

The build quality of the product is also very high as the plate thickness is a good 18mm which is thick but does not add any extra weight to the table.

Small White End Table

  1. 3-Tier Antique Round End Table

3-Tier Antique Round End TableOval-shaped side tables are a classy fixture of homes. They have been around for a long time now and yet their utility is still as much as it was all those years ago.

This 3 tier round end table is one of those must-have pieces at home which can be used in a lot of different ways.

For example, the three tiers that are part of this end table are sturdy enough to hold anything from books, remote controls to even some of the heavier objects like showpieces and potted plants.

The whole table has been made of MDF which makes it durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. The black painted MDF tiers and the solid pine wood legs give it that solid frame which is sturdy and stable even after years of usage.

There are also anti-slip foot pads fixed to the table so that the floor is protected and the table itself stays stable and sturdy in one place.

C Shaped End Table

  1. 2PCS Set Nesting Antique Side Table

2PCS Set Nesting Antique Side TableStylish and modern design of furniture is a very popular trend these days. Anything that looks contemporary and modern is liked by a lot of users.

This two-piece end table set is made exactly for those people. It has both modern and rustic features that make it totally exquisite as well as practical. The design is so stylish that you would give it a fixed place in your living room to show it off.

The metal and glass frame is its main selling point. The black powder coated metal frame and the tempered glass are quite sturdy even though they have a delicate appearance.

It has feet pads at the bottom which protects the floor from scratching and also holds the end table in place. This end table provides a lot of space and can be used for practically anything in the house.

  1. 2 Tier Small Antique Side End Table

2 Tier Small Antique Side End TableThis two-tier side table prioritizes utility before anything else. There are so many great features to this table that it is one of the best available in the market right now.

So, to begin with, the metal frame with wooden shelves provide that sturdiness that is required in a good end table which can be used roughly without worrying about wear and tear.

The U shape of the table itself make it a very comfortable table to use. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch using a laptop, this table can be pulled inside as much as you want because of its elegant design and the wheels at the bottom.

Speaking of the wheels they come with lock brake function which means that you can stop it from rolling whenever you want. This can be used anywhere in the house whether you are sitting on a couch or on the bed, just roll it over to get your work done.

  1. 2PCS Tray Side Sofa End Table

2PCS Tray Side Sofa End TableThis is a two-piece coffee tray which can double up as a side table. To be honest this stylish piece of furniture can be used for anything you like.

It is a great as a side table for random objects around the house, or a coffee tray that you can put by your bed in the morning to make mornings easier.

It can also be used as simply an accent piece in the living room. It fits as literally anything. The glass on the top is tempered so it is sturdy and strong.

One need not worry about putting any hot things like coffee mugs on this table because it can take it. It is a great space-saving end table that can be creatively used for any purpose around the house.

It just enhances the look of the entire house by making it more stylish and elegant.

White Side Table with Drawer

  1. Antique White End Tables

antique white end tablesThis antique white end table is a charming little piece of furniture that will lighten up the entire room no matter where you put it.

For starters, it has a very clean white color that goes with anything basically. And the design is so creative and beautiful that it just attracts attention to itself. Made of MDF, it can handle even heavier objects on it without any issues.

A nice potted plant of colorful flowers to contrast with its white color, a laptop that you want to keep handy, coffee mugs for those mornings, you can literally use it for any purpose and it will just add more beauty to your experience.

It is very strong and can handle up to 30 lbs of weight on it. It is an ideal design element that provides functionality but is also great for enhancing your décor.

Importance of Antique End Tables

End tables and antique tables can be an important fixture of the home. They balance the whole interior décor of the house by giving it their own charming appearance. Plus, the utility of these little accent pieces is completely undeniable. They can literally be used for anything. So, the following are some of the reasons why end tables and antique tables are important.

  • They make your home more stylish without any doubt. Whether it is a modern little table or a grand antique side table, they give your home that extra edge which even the other heavy furniture cannot provide. The intricate design or the modern take on the side tables are both useful in making your home look beautiful and elegant.
  • They have a lot of utility around the house. The end tables may be small in size but they are very useful for various things around the house. They can be pivotal to avoiding clutter and chaos in the house.
  • They are extremely versatile in usage. They can be put anywhere, and their place can be easily changed according to your needs on that particular day. They can have designated place in the house for specific usages like a game console or potted plants. They are great for everything.
  • End tables and antique tables are useful for holding beverages or reading lights and overall, they just make life easier and more efficient. Any task can be simplified with the usage of a good and functional end table.


Side tables and end tables can be used for a lot of different purposes depending on how creative you can get. These end tables are stylish in appearance but they have also been made with high-quality materials so that they can be used for years and years together without any wear and tear. They fit in any room of the house easily and can reflect your taste and make your living space even more beautiful.